Poster Programme

Here is a full list of the poster presentations. The virtual posters will be available on the iPosterSessions gallery which will go live when the conference begins. You will be able to be ask the authors questions via their virtual posters during the Poster Sessions in the main programme.

Investigation of using a peptide gel as a template in the fabrication of methylammonium lead iodide perovskite - Fahad Abed M Aljuaid
Pentacene thin film growth on twofold surface of icosahedral Ag-In-Yb quasicrystal - Amnah Alofi
Direct Evidence of Adsorbate Induced Site Activation - Simon Anetts
Diffusive and Ballistic motions of C8H8 on Cu(111) - Boyao Liu
Atom Scattering Centre - a new opportunity for nano characterisation of surfaces - Nadav Avidor
Self-assembly of a linear porphyrin oligomer on HOPG: concentration dependence of drop-cast structures - Abigail Bellamy-Carter
Experimental and Modelling of Two-step Laser Graphitization of Polyimide for Improved Conductivity in Flexible Sensor Applications - Ratul Kumar Biswas
Atomic diffusion on the fivefold surface of the i-Ag-In-Yb quasicrystal - Dominic Burnie
Oxidation at Fe0.₈₅Al0.15 random alloy surfaces - Gregory Cabailh
Industry-compatible method to improve the spectral quality of as-exfoliated two-dimensional semiconductors - Yameng Cao
Long-term nitrogen retention in aged perovskite/graphene oxide composites grown by aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition - Christopher Castle
First-Principles Characterisation of the Diamond(110) Surface Oxygenation State - Shayantan Chaudhuri
Interplay between water subsurface defects in TiO₂ - Ji Chen
The role of long-range electrostatic interactions and topology of the hydrogen bond network in the wettability of fully and partially wetted multilayer graphene - Mara Chiricotto
Investigating the gas adsorption properties of surface-confined porphyrin nanorings - Michael Clarke
CO₂ Absorption in Ionic Liquid Thin Films: an in situ NAP-XPS and NEXAFS Study - Jordan Cole
TiO₂ / Poly 3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) interface modification with 4-Mercaptobenzoic Acid and its application on Hybrid Solar Cells - Claudia Lorena Compean Gonzalez
Investigating the mechanism underlying an order-disorder transition for molecular assemblies of tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP) on Au(111) - Matthew Edmondson
Ag-sensitized Tb3+/Yb3+ codoped silica-zirconia glasses and glass-ceramics for spectral conversion in solar cells - Francesco Enrichi
Direct identification and imaging of the true bulk defects in GaAs(110) by first-principles calculations and STM/STS measurements - Mary Clare Escaño
Investigation of H₂O-induced degradation of peptide-encapsulated organometal halide perovskite by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy - Tom Flavell
B07-B: A New Beamline for Ambient Pressure X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and High-Throughput X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy - David Grinter
Optimising the on-surface synthesis of a single-layered π-conjugated 2D binary MOF with precisely identified metal centres - Fubiao Gu
Investigatigation of Resonance Frequency of a Circular Contact Microphone Driven by Photoacoustic Waves and Converse Piezoelectric Effect - Emre Güralp
Adsorption of aspartic acid and arginine on rutile TiO₂ (110): A photoemission and near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure study - Kejian Hou
Strong Couplings between Tamm Plasmon Polaritons and Excitons in Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides - Guangyi Jia
The importance of density functional choices for computational investigations of surfaces:  Pd, Cu and Zn. - Lara Kabalan
Thermal and Oxidation Stability of TixW1-x Diffusion Barriers Investigated by Soft and Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy - Curran Kalha
Investigating the surface of a polycrystalline electrodeposited Cu film using In situ High Speed AFM - Aswathi Koorikkat
Toward bismuth placement on silicon with atomic precision: Triphenylbismuth adsorption to Si(100) - Eric Lundgren
Dynamics of Adsorption and Desorption on Chiral Surfaces - Molecular Rotations - Sabine Matysik
Neutron reflectometry for surface and interface characterisation at ESS - Andrew McCluskey
Spin capacitance in metal-oxide/molecular interfaces. - Timothy Moorsom
Interlayer coupling and in-plane anisotropy in few-layer rhenium diselenide - Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski
DFT calculations of carboxylate adsorption on rutile TiO₂ (100) - Laura Hargreaves
Measuring facet angles using a combined spatially and angularly resolved atom beam instrument. - Aleksandar Radic
The Electronic Structure of the Sn/Ge(001) Interface Studied by Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy and First-Principle Calculations - Felix Reichmann
NMR relaxation: a non-invasive probe of surface phenomena in porous media - Neil Robinson
2 dimensional GaS as a potential electrode material for supercapacitor applications - Amretashis Sengupta
Hydrogen spillover applied to hydrogen storage via Pt4 decorated single and di-vacancy graphene catalysts: A DFT study - Amita Sihag
Quantum Mechanical Realisation of Knudsen Scattering - Luke Staszewski
Short review and perspectives on TiO2 - Xavier Torrelles
Understanding Copper/Corrosion Inhibitor Interactions: BTAH on Cu(110) - Marco Turano
High-resolution nanoscale Infrared Microscopy - Recent Developments and Applications - Miriam Unger
Spatially resolved point diffraction using a neutral helium beam - Nick von Jeinsen
A Semi-Quantitative Solid-State NMR Study of the Adsorption of Soybean Oils on Silica and Its Significance for Rubber Processing - Chuanyu Yan
Dynamics of high-angle grain boundary and triple junction networks during severe plastic deformation of copper alloys - Siying Zhu
The edge structure of Nb₂O₃ honeycomb monolayers on Au(111) - Yuhan Zhu

Optimising conditions for high resolution SPM at room temperature - Timothy Brown

Structure of the ZnO (1010) vacuum interface - Jameel Imran

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline:

5 March 2021

Registration deadline:

16 April 2021