Contributed Speakers

Here is a full list of the contributed talks. Please refer to the programme to see the time and date of each talk.

High-resolution imaging and correlative scanning electrochemical microscopy - Jörg Barner
Surface science investigations of the selective Oxidation of methanol on mixed oxide catalysts - Michael Bowker
In-situ Exploration of the Solid/Liquid Interface via XPS - Conor Byrne
Controlling long-distance motion of single molecules on Ag(111) - Donato Civita
Graphene as an ideal surface to measure STM force interaction - Richard Cobley
Probing ultra-thin high density arsenic delta-layers in silicon with SX-ARPES - Procopios Constantinou
Heterogeneous Adsorption and Local Ordering of Formic Acid on a Magnetite Surface - Marcus Creutzburg
A Combined XRD, XPS and DFT Study into the Structural and Electronic Effects of X-ray Radiation on Prototypical Catalysts - Nathalie Fernando
Arsenic delta-layers in germanium for quantum applications - Emily Hofmann
A molecular quantum ring formed from a π-conjugated macrocycle - Alex Saywell
Ultrafast diffusion at the onset of growth: O/Ru - John Kelsall
Surface Structure of Superhydrophilic Titania: Wet Chemically Prepared TiO₂(110) and TiO₂(011) - Robert Lindsay
A new view on the origin of zero-bias anomalies of Co atoms atop noble metal surfaces - Samir Lounis
Degradation of methylammonium-free mixed-cation perovskites under thermal and moist conditions investigated with multiple photoelectron spectroscopic techniques - Suresh Maniyarasu
Self-formation of chromium oxides at CrCl₃ nanoflake surfaces upon air exposure - Dario Mastrippolito
Conjugated polymers by ESD-STM: a pathway to understanding defects - Stefania Moro
Operando ambient pressure HAXPES studies of Cu/ZnO(10-14) and Cu/ZnO(000-1) model catalysts for methanol synthesis - Heshmat Noei
Electronic Structure of Two-Dimensional CoO₂ - Charlotte Sanders
Electronic Defect States in Graphene Nanoribbons Induced by Surface Confined Hydrogenation - YI-YING Sung
From energy dissipation on Dirac materials to open questions in 2D materials growth - Anton Tamtögl
Photoexcitation of Bulk Polarons in Rutile TiO₂ - Alex Tanner
Evolution of Steady-state Material Properties during Catalysis: Oxidative Coupling of Methanol over Nanoporous Ag0.03Au0.97 - Matthijs van Spronsen
Monitoring photocatalysis at the TiO₂ surface in real time using soft X-ray photoemission spectroscopy - Michael Wagstaffe
Spatially resolved atom scattering from surfaces - David Ward
Probing the nanoscale degradation mechanisms of perovskite photovoltaic materials with advanced atomic force microscopy - Sebastian Wood
Bioelectrochemical systems investigated using neutron reflectometry - Mary Wood
Dynamics of Photoexcited Electrons at Surface of Rutile TiO₂ - Yu Zhang

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5 March 2021

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16 April 2021